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Caught Sexy Evening Gowns Short. Knickers on the go for when you need a spare pair.

Now here&'s a good idea. Caught Sexy Evening Gowns Short is a new brand of knickers that are affordable, slim packed and very easy to carry around just in case you urgently need a pair when you&'re out and about.

The blurb tells us that they are “perfect teddy lingerie for those urgent, time restricted situations when one is in the predicament of needing a spare pair”. Maybe you got sent on an unplanned business trip, stayed over with friends or a date went really well! You never know when you&'ll need a fresh pair of knickers and Caught Short are hoping to be the solution.

The briefs themselves are functional babydoll lingerie and very affordable at £7.50. They arrive in sizes from small to XL. Colours are black, white and nude. We love the packing that&'s a very slim, easy to carry resealable pack.

Check out the video and images srtwhg2ge below and you can read more on the Caught Short website and let us know what you think in the comments.

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