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qiuyehui Dec 6 '17

A few games, like Hearthstone, don't have set guidelines about stream-sniping, so it is debatable whether stream-sniping can even be considered cheating in the first place (though I'd definitely call this poor sportsmanship, like stealing signs within baseball). Meanwhile, streamers who are vocal regarding stream-sniping are often belittled for complaining or being paranoid. "Just stream with a hold off! " is a common suggestion, but as we'll see below, that's not really a practical solution for streamers whose livelihoods rely on engaging in real-time with their audiences-and often does not even prevent stream-sniping anyway.

I arrived at out to a few programmers, streamers, and stream-snipers to get their thoughts on how big an issue it really is, the various motivations snipers have and the techniques they use, how it can be detected or avoided, and how (if in all) snipers should be punished by programmers. I heard back again from Brian Hicks, Cheap H1z1 skins creative director of DayZ (and passionate streamer himself), Hearthstone pro Andrey "Reynad" Yanuk (who additionally plays PUBG, that has recently seen the actual rise of a new griefing-'stream-honking'), and Hearthstone streamer Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan (Kripp) who else recently discovered a sniper 'guild' experienced formed against your pet. Kripp mailed us a link to his video, and his quotes in this post are taken from which. Other quotes tend to be taken from emails and Twitter DMs, such as from a number of snipers, current and former-many who now stream games themselves.

In some instances the quotes happen to be lightly edited or rearranged for clearness. "DayZ hands down has suffered from stream sniping as an issue completely back to the earliest builds of the mod, inch says Brian Hicks, who says he's been dealing with this as a developer since 2012. Since much of DayZ's success is a result of streamers and content material creators broadcasting the overall game live (rather compared to through traditional marketing) Hicks says he has "run into obvious pressure to try and avoid it, and assistance said content creators in combating this. "You can't truly quantify how 'big' of an issue it really is, " Hearthstone streamer Reynad told me through Twitter. "That depends on the streamer and their goals in-game and as an entertainer