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doaa Oct 15 '18
Although John Bolinger recommends the value of the moving average based on 20 cycles, this variable is optimized by changing it in different markets, different instruments and at different times. In practice, a maximum 20-day moving average is used.
Calculation formulas;شركات الفوركس الموثوقة
Medium Bollinger Band = 20 Daily Moving Average
Top Bollinger Band = Medium Bollinger Band + 2 Standard Deviation
Bottom Bollinger Band = Medium Bollinger Band - 2 Standard Deviation
According to the characteristics of the market and the investment tool, the standard deviation value is changed with the period based on the Bollinger bands. For example; the veterans of the technical analysis say it would be appropriate to revise the standard deviation of 2.5 to be used if an average of 50 periods would be used instead of 20. If the period is to be determined as 10 days, it is stated that the standard deviation to be reduced to 1.5 is more healthy.خبراء توصيات الفوركس
John Bollinger says that the prices that make up the basic rules of the Bollinger Bands are ar high and low inger. It emphasizes that height and low can be used to compare price and indicator movements in order to make correct buying and selling decisions. John Bolinger points out that: It is wrong to expect two indicators from the same category to approve the situation to determine the price mobility, instead it is better to confirm the Bollinger signals with Oscillators to produce more successful results instead of volume indicators.