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CBB babe chemise lingerie Bianca Gascoigne whips up a storm in 50 Shades inspired shoot

Footballer Jamie cruelly ditched Bianca, chemise lingerie who he once described as “wifey material”, via an online article – without telling her first.

Fans then branded their relationship a “showmance” Plus size garter belt but Bianca insists it was real, from her side at least.

She says: “I’ve skater dress had loads of people saying it must have been a showmance as it only lasted five days outside the house but I do think it was real.

JEANY srtwhg2ge SAVAGE STEAMY: Bianca Gascoigne turned things up to 11 in her 50 Shades inspired lingerie shoot

“Even if it was a showmance from his side, Plus size garter belt it 100% wasn’t for me. It was genuine for me and it felt so genuine from him.

“Every day in there skater dress feels like three days so I felt I was in there three months.

“You’re around each other all the time so you get to know people and it just developed how it did.”

Bianca, 30, hadn’t seen Jamie, 30, since the wrap party for the show and doesn’t know why he ended it without speaking to her first. Jamie O'Hara and Bianca Gascoigne — the love affair so far Take a look at how Jamie O'Hara and Bianca Gascoigne fell for each other 1 / 23 Channel 5 Jamie and Bianca kiss

“If I had seen him all the feelings would have been there for me,” she says.

“But I hadn’t. I am disappointed it didn’t go any further.

“But I’m the sort of person, that when something like that happens, I shut off to just try to deal with it on my own.”

Rather than being furious, Bianca is more “upset” at the Jamie situation – and even more so at her ex-boyfriend, cage-fighter CJ Meeks.

JEANY SAVAGE LIFETIME: The star admits life in the CBB house feels like an eternity

During her time in the house Bianca did not tell Jamie she was in a relationship with CJ, although she insists it had more or less fizzled out and she was a free agent. “it’s caused me a massive load of sh*t but it’s something I will always remember. I look at everything as a positive” Bianca Gascoigne

CJ mocked her split with Jamie, saying it was “karma” and accused the model of being fame hungry.

She says: “It makes me not trust men. I was always worried with CJ as he kept saying he wasn’t with me for fame but now I see his true colours. We were rocky before I went into the show. I was single when I got booked but we were on and off. I probably should have ended it.

“I think the way he’s carried on is a sign he wasn’t the person I thought he was.

JEANY SAVAGE ROMANCE: Bianca says her fling with Jamie O'Hara was genuine for her

“Seeing him selling stories on me makes me upset. I don’t want to ever talk to him again.”

Despite the heartache it’s caused her, Bianca doesn’t regret her time on the fly-on-the-wall show.

She says: “Yes it’s caused me a massive load of sh*t but it’s something I will always remember. I look at everything as a positive.

“It’s mentally exhausting in there because you have so much time to think. But Jamie and I had a wicked time in here and it was such a laugh. I was so pleased he was in there.” Bianca Gascoigne flaunts her body Bianca Gascoigne shows off her figure in skimpy shots 1 / 35

Now Bianca, stepdaughter of troubled ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne, is taking a holiday before returning to her normal job as manager of London’s Gaslight club.

She says: “I’m taking my friend away to have a bit of girly time and relaxation.

“I just need to get away from it all. “I’m just trying to be positive and crack on with everything.

“I also want to do a fashion range. I had a lot of comments on my outfits in the show so I want to try to get the ball rolling on that.”

JEANY SAVAGE SPLIT: Jamie and Bianca have not seen each other since the show wrapped up

Bianca also fancies some more telly work.

“I’d love to do another Big Brother abroad,” she says.

“I’d be more than happy to do normal Big Brother in America if I was offered. It would be a good experience.”

The blonde beauty now plans to get back to a healthy lifestyle, after a month of drinking every night.

JEANY SAVAGE STRESSFUL: She is looking forward to getting back to her normal routine

Her CBB series was branded the booziest yet as the housemates were constantly given alcohol.

She says: “I definitely worried about drinking too much but after a couple of weeks I didn’t really care because I was just trying to enjoy myself.

“It was such a stressful and cut-throat experience and we were living on the edge. Bianca Gascoigne weight loss How Bianca Gascoigne lost 19lbs in six weeks to look sexy for CBB! 1 / 23 Forza Supplements Bianca Gascoigne before and after the weight loss

“So as soon as the storeroom opened, we were running towards the booze because that was what we looked forward to, it was our release and chilled us out.

“They’d give me wine and that’s the worst thing for me so I was getting drunk quite quickly.

“I’ve put on some weight so I need to get back to healthy eating and hitting the gym. It’s time to get my life back in order.”

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