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Date & time Dec 8 '17
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That night, the man will make Sun Li shout three

Groom Peter Ho and bride Lin Ching-fai affectionate kiss

Phoenix Entertainment News September 1, Peter Ho and Lin Shing-yi held a wedding in Taipei, the two fell in love for nine years, eventually becoming real. Sun Li, Jam Hsiao, Vivian Hsu, Alyssa Chia, Xi Jie, Qin Lan, autumn porcelain Hyun, Li Dongxue, Chen Yirong, Indian small day congratulation on the scene. Guo Pinchao, Bi Guoyong and cousin served as best man, bridesmaid is a woman friend, mentor Chen Yi, Shen Jianhong, Qiu Haoqi served as entertainment. Before the wedding ceremony, newcomers interviewed by the media, Peter Ho sweet kiss with his wife, but also release tonight we must start making people!

This morning, Peter Ho chose 09:20 this auspicious time, to fell in love nine years wife Peggy home to marry. Peter Ho said last night one night can not sleep, get up early in the morning, but also to personally tie the ribbon of the limousine. This time Peter Ho dispatched Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes and BMW 6 limos. Marriage stage big check, the groom and his best man to eat mustard big puffs, raw pepper clip toast and so on. Finally, the Bridesmaids also asked the groom He Rundong Beat Box sing their designated words, with the assistance of best man Bi Guoyong, Peter Ho finally broke the success. Wife Peggy in the ceremony to worship parents several tears 5:30 pm, the newcomers came to the interview area for media interviews. He was denied a favor and said 'We will work hard tonight and we will not replica the love bracelet by cartier give me a drink.' He also laughed and said: 'After nine months of inactivity, Strange copy cartier love bracelet new your wine! 'Asked what the favorite wife, Peter Ho said he liked the unique personality of his wife, he broke the news that his wife will collect his drops of nails, joked:' She should be a witch, will practice! 'It turned out that Peggy is Let her husband use it to play guitar! Peter Ho also published on the scene cartier love bracelet new fake his wife's declaration: 'The next 20 years, every two years a nail yield to you!' He also promised to be filial Peggy

Family, just as Peggy filial piety to his parents. And the bride, Peggy, talked about the feeling of getting married, she said: 'Finally, you can go straight and explore the class!' Because Peter Ho have 'carving king' title, the media asked the bride on the spot after Peggy is not 'Temple Heroes'? She laughed and said she knew she was a 'statue-in-law,' and boldly said: 'Look at me so happy to smile, you should know.'

At 6:30 in the evening, all the distinguished guests came to receive media interviews and send blessings to newcomers. The wedding dinner was officially started at half past seven. The couple specially designed the bridal bracelet designed by the bride as the first dinner of the dinner to be given to every relatives and friends present at the scene. He Rundong's father, speaking as a representative of a parent, said he has one more child and was very happy to send several friends to take the stage to send blessing to the couple later. Chen Yi-rong recalled having had a 'ten-year contract' with He Rundong and both agreed to be 40 at the time. 'We did not marry if we did not marry, and we did make up for it.' She also explained why she was 'unmarried.' More mother, I am more man! Now both of them have each other's true love. During the interview, Chen Yirong also laughed that he had come to learn that 'the empress' Sun Li, who owns many fans in Taiwan, praised Peter Ho. 'Our first cooperation was' Jade Goddess of Mercy ' It was also my first movie debut, and since then Peter has always been the super star in my heart. 'She said seeing the bride and groom come in, they involuntarily looked reddened.' The bride is beautiful. Peter Earn, '' Peter said, three children take off! Wish them early Takako, life is always sweet ', Sun Li blessing and Vivian Hsu one on the scene,' complacent ', saying he was with' wounded ' 'I know Peggy with Peter this year, and I know Peggy this year! We talked often, and I did not know that he had a girlfriend for nine years. It's so good!' Vivian Hsiao Peggy's filial piety. 'She takes care of Peter Mom and Dad. ' Vivian Hsu said the two parties once again, she saw Peggy maternal love, 'she is very caring, it will play with children, I hope they copy love bracelets for couples have early Takako.'

Jam Hsiao came to impromptu singing, but also immediately pop up the piano. Has become the best atmosphere to play the scene romantic and warm atmosphere, all friends and family witnessed the happiness of the two newcomers, let us once again wish the couple a hundred years together, grow old together.
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