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Marry a daughter-in-law back to poverty 60,000 bride price line can pay attention to the poor

During the Spring Festival every year, many rural areas in our country get married during the 'peak period.' In a recent survey in rural areas in Shandong, Henan and Anhui, the reporter found that marriage and bridewealth in some places frequently cost a dozen or so million yuan and generally require buying houses in urban areas far beyond the affordability of ordinary rural families. Although there are places where the 'bride price guide standard' has been introduced, 'hard bars' can hardly manage the 'poor pay attention', and the 'high price bride price' has not been extinct.

Qianshan County in Anhui Province is a national poverty-stricken county. Wang He buried hill for marriage, home patchwork bought a house in the county. But last year, when the relatives, the woman asked Wang Hejia 120,000 yuan bride price. 'His family in general, buy a house has spent the savings, but also hundreds of thousands of bridewealth, can only borrow money.' Wang He, a relative told reporters that it is still only the relatives, behind the wedding and other expenses, Add up more than 200,000 yuan, for a heavy burden on rural families.

'Some villages in the buried hill are also popular with three gold and gold hardware, that is, gold rings, gold bracelets and gold necklaces, which are all rules.' Last year, Li eternal love bracelet replica Shui-chun, who just got married, said that of course the bridewealth is not static and the families of both men and women sometimes Discuss it, but overall, it is still high.

According to a press survey, Anhui is not the case. In the southwest and many eastern counties of Henan, there is still 'motionless' ('a move' is more than 100,000 yuan a car, 'does not move' is in the urban area has a house), 'colorful' (Ten thousand five yuan, one thousand 100 yuan and a number of 50 yuan, counting more than 150,000 yuan) and other bridemanship. In Heze City of Shandong Province, individual county districts of Liaocheng City, Sanmenxia City of Henan Province, and Xinxiang City, many people buy houses in the county or urban areas and have become the common request made by rural women to marry.

Wang Xiyi, a cadre of village cadres who worked for 36 years in cartier love bracelet new copy Caoxian County, Shandong Province, said that as many young people in the village are employed by migrant workers and basically married at the same time, they require that there be a small house or a two-story house in the village with a house or village. 'Caoxian county houses almost have more than 20 million a set of their own Gai Lou have to spend 156,000, together with the bride price, married more than 20 million in rural areas is' starting price. '

Wang Xiyi said that the per capita net income of the local rural areas alone how much is a cartier bracelet amounts to ten thousand dollars. If a family of three does not eat or drink for seven or eight years, they can only save enough, so there is almost no 'pull-out of famine' in the rural areas. 'The last two years are not easy to have Improve, marry a wife back to poverty overnight. '

'Many ordinary people finally save a bit of money, a little small capital, can be used in the development of industry replica the cartier love bracelet to get rich, but the high ceremony to break this path, resulting in some farmers are heavily indebted, life difficult for many years can not turn around.' Cao County A township cadres said.

January 19 is the day when Zhang Peng, a 22-year-old villager behind the village in Zhangqian County, the rear of Taiqian County, Henan Province, and his bride Xu Shixiu rejoiced. In order to promote the simple rules and regulations of marriage, the cadres of the village moved their affection and understanding to each other, and both men and women eventually set the bride price at 60,000 yuan. The marriage was in a simple form.

Zhang Peng's father, Zhang Xiyuan, said: 'My son got married and wanted to be as big as others before. Now I do not want to! Wedding car 6, wedding table 10, wine 30 dollars, smoke 10 dollars, We had 200,000 dollars before, and we only spent a total of 60,000 dollars on the bridewealth. '

Zhang Peng Cai courtesy and saving from the local recently introduced a guiding document. On December 27 last year, Taishijian County, Henan Province, issued the 'Reference Opinions on Reference Standards for Red and White Rural Affairs in Taixian County (draft for soliciting opinions)' and other documents requiring the control of the bride price and prohibiting the solicitation of property by marriage. The total number of bride price control within 60,000 yuan.

In fact, the promulgation of rural red and white guidance documents, in particular, to limit the 'high price bride price,' Taiwan is not the case. The last two years, Sichuan Jinyang, Shandong Juye, Henan Qingfeng and many other also designated the 'bride price guideline.'

Reporter found that the introduction of relevant provisions of the place, generally have 'bride price guideline' delineated at 60,000 yuan. In December 2015, Sichuan Jinyang issued the Implementation Rules (Trial Implementation) of Jinyang County People's Government on Curbing the Weddings and Funerals of High Gifts and Expenses of Waste, which clearly stipulates that the total amount of wedding gifts will not exceed 60,000 yuan. In early February last year, Shandong Juye County Civilization Office issued the 'Guidance Opinion on Further Improving the Work of Steadfast Custom' and also advocated that the wedding gift should not exceed 60,000 yuan.

Li Bing, director of the Civilization Office of Juye County, said that 60,000 yuan is to be advocated for wedding gifts based on the current level of income of peasants and full discussion with the people after confirmation. 'Considering both traditional practices and affordability, we also want the common people to develop a conscious action to curb the' high price bride price. '

'Bride price guide standards' really can control 'high bride price'? Reporters interviewed Shandong, Henan Civilization Office officials in some places said that the introduction of 'bride price guideline' is only a guide, not mandatory measures, in some areas did not achieve the desired results.

Feng Yecun Juye County Red White Council Sun Zihai told reporters that the red and white things easy to do things are easy to move, the most difficult thing is the bride price. Although local promulgated the 'bride price guide standard', but not send bridesmaids, send bridesmaids are people's own things, 'others are willing to give high bridewealth, in addition to our well-intentioned persuasion there is no other hard way.'

Wan Jianzhong, director of the Institute of Folk Literature at Beijing Normal University, said that the history of bridewealth is very long. No matter the conclusion of marriage between North and South since ancient times, China has the custom of giving money and gifts to the woman when the marriage is tentatively agreed upon.

Experts said that the appearance of bride price has its historical reasons. However, if modern society demands excessive bride price or even 'high price bride price', it is certainly a bad habit. However, such a bad habit can hardly be changed by a government ban.

Burundi, Anhui Province, 68-year-old Liu Shu often give people that media. 'If both families talked well, the man gave some bridewealth, the bride dowager was essentially a kind of reciprocity.' Liu Shu said that bridewealth has always been, especially in rural areas, and it is not realistic to cancel two days a day .

Chen Bulei, a professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, believes that although the high cost of rural bride color is a legacy of traditional customs, some party cadres and cadres in previous years have also brought bad social habits. Party committees and governments should strictly follow or strictly prohibit Party members and cadres in any way they should participate in the big big business and promote 'high price bride price' bad habits. 'Start from the party members and cadres, helping to reverse the' high price bride price 'unhealthy social atmosphere.

Reporter combing found that at present, the 'price bride price' issue, more for party members and cadres to introduce some disciplinary measures. Such as Sichuan Jinyang, Puyang, Henan, Shandong Zibo and other places will be moved to customs work into the work of party and government assessment and management, and provides for disregard and violation of the provisions of the party members and public officials will be punished party and government disciplines.

Liu Shanying, an associate researcher at the Institute of Political Science and Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it is a bad habit for the ordinary people to pass high betrothal gifts. However, if the government is to stop it, restrictions are not a good solution. 'Marriage and funeral marriage belong to the common people themselves. The forced intervention by the government, especially with the involvement of disciplinary measures, often brings new troubles.'

Some experts said that there are different customs in every village in every ten years. Each village has its own characteristics. Villagers should be encouraged to make their own self-government so that red-white councils can be set up at the village level and customs can be promoted in the form of village conventions.

Experts believe that for such problems as Gao Cai Li, they should be good at using 'soft administration' means to solve the peasants 'poor stress' problem. Chen Bulei said: 'Soft administration' refers to persuading and educating people to advocate and not to impose interference. We should work hard to change our thinking so that the concept of equality between men and women and that of boys and girls alike will gradually take root in the rural areas and fundamentally break the ill-treatment of the marriages waiting for price and selling.

(The original title 'multi-planning 60,000 yuan bonus red line' hard bars 'can control' poor stress '?'
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