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Women in the shop wrestling jade bracelet off million value claims to the merchant claim

Original title: Hotel wrestling jade bracelet broken woman claiming that the value of more than 10,000 yuan bracelet, claim to the merchant

September 18, Ms. Jia Liuzhou Road, a hot pot restaurant consumption, fell in the shop, a jade bracelet worn on his hand was broken, and the business dispute Ms. Jia introduction, at noon that day, she was Located in the College Road 33, a hot pot restaurant. After dinner, she stood up and went to checkout at checkout. Suddenly, when I passed a step inside the store, I suddenly fell and fell. Not only was the hand slightly scratched and bleeding, a jade bracelet worn in my hand was also broken in half. After she got up and found out that she had stepped cartier bracelet gold replica on the ground before a small slip of water slipped, so that the hot pot restaurant safety measures are not in place, asking each other to compensate jade bracelets, and said the bracelet worth more than 10,000 yuan, has worn For many years due to the two sides have differences on compensation issues, Jia dialed 110 alarm. Liu Dong police station came to the scene mediation reporter then came to this hot pot shop interview. A self-proclaimed surname, who admitted that Ms. Jia did copy cartier 18k gold bracelet wrestling broke the jade bracelet in the store consumption, but she did fake cartier love bracelet gold not fall because of stepping on the water because there is no water on the ground; jade bracelets worth more than 10,000 yuan , Only the consumer unilateral claim police introduction, after consultation, cartier 18k gold bracelet copy the two parties reached a preliminary opinion: the purchase of jade bracelet by Ms. Jia holding the invoice for hot pot restaurant insurance claim claims to see how much, after both parties for further consultations.
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