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The whole chapter detailed explanation of the whole elemental process Raiders

Laura (swimming pool), Makesias (outdoor cafe), Eliot (dormitory on the second floor)

If you want to collect the contents of the list of characters, be sure to choose Eliot, Eliot character information to the music field

Close to the college trigger the plot, you can start fishing, the fishing system for the first few different, but easy to use according to the type and size of various fish can get the number of points of the fish. Points can be exchanged with Kenneth, the level increases, the props can also increase the dialogue with the (Keynes study), you can get the Rosetta Stone Volume 1 (for the need to collect the novel around four)

Then bookstore selling books in addition to food, there are books that can increase the goodwill role, do not miss it. Currently you can buy the Empire Times No. 1, Department of Healing music (Eliot LINK Experience +50), Rajram tour (Laura LINK experience +50), touching drawing set (Guyus LINK experience +50)

And this time to go to the library can read the history of the Imperial Railway, after reading will add books NOTE Extension: Lost student handbook (AP4) Compensation: black bracelet Time Limit: 4/18

The left side of the big market Macy's stall can buy sit West and the final weapons, remember to buy. Although the current one-week serious lack of money. But related to the final weapon, Zaguomaitie also have to buy Oh

Big bazaar shop there new book obsidian library version, Livingstone library version of the treasure box, then the location is very easy to find. West Keldick Street 1 is: Groundwater Firestorm Vision Chip x100 and EP1, West Keldick Street 2 is: High Pressure Water Block, Healing Pills and EP Filler II to the Student Union Officer to find the president pink gold cartier love bracelet replica of the plot, wiki Some people say that the president of the bond by the usual trigger with her, because there is no system prompts, temporarily unable to verify

The town and the campus of the major stores, library books, fishing spots have a certain update. Among them, the bookstore can buy the Empire Times

To the library and Emma dialogue plot, go to the old school to find the Philippines, afterwards and the fetters of a small increase. PS: direct Philippine can also do not want to see the plot can be omitted step to the stadium swimming pool and Jasper dialogue can get Jasper's character information After the shopping in the coastal city ready to go back to dormitory there will be a story, copy pink gold cartier love bracelet the official understanding of Lily Sister and Examination brother. Which exam brother options. Choice: Pouch if you carry it. AP + 1

Back to the dorm, you can come out not out. Speaking words and small partners can chat, do not come out to sleep directly wash did not affect. PS: green hair does not open the door to me = =

Now can be fetters of the characters: Clo (tea shop), Sarah (dormitory 3rd floor), Emma (Bookstore), Gaius (teaching building, 2nd floor art room) (four fake cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds two)

Obtained after the fetters Keluo's character information Blade, Guy Wu's character information hometown

The Bookstore also has the Empire Times No. 2, ancient bow surgery guide (Alyssa LINK experience +50), warm ocean nap days (Philippine LINK experience +50)

At the same time, the technical building can buy the core circuit, if you have extra money you can buy, although the performance is generally, but the collection of a trophy extension task: substitute teacher request (AP3 +2) compensation: 2000 mira time limit: 5/23

BOSS: V Vulcan, Empire Liberation Front Sword, Empire Liberation Front Rifle x2

Zabing eat a lot of state, do not be too concerned about the range of technology to clear it. Comrade V's attack power is high, with its own strengthening skills. Midway will put S technology, but a small range (loss you still get the gun) This battle lily Sister is almost Guards, gas warfare technology effective for comrades C. With the speed of Makesias, Alyssa back CP, the basic Lily Sister cartier love pink gold bracelet fake will be able to kill comrades C, others to solve Zabing can. Comrade C will summon bombs, the second round detonated, but the bombs are very close to the distance, Márquez installed an attack 3 Pugong can be destroyed. Midway C or will put S technology. However, the overall problem is not big because of Lily Sister School 1F Dean Room and Vatican Dai Kexue Dean dialogue to receive Lion Heart hero chapter. The premise is in front of the three badges have taken. Then let you choose two core loops Raytheon or cavalry. In front of Sarah instructors that comes with that behind the Bi rail inside the knight circuit. Two weeks remember the other one

Before the fish are fishing, fishing full of 19 kinds of fish can go to the fishing town of Kenneth dialogue. And then fishing. Can be transferred to the last kind of fish giant swordfish, upgrade to red pole fishing. Get cents beads and trophy king fishing. Reward the core circuit Honglian. Exchange items also increase. I remember all the rare have changed, and three are related to the final weapon.
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