In modern times Fashion people will choose faux cartier leve banglediamonds at the Luxury Brand industry


Date & time Dec 8 '17
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'Green emerald bracelet there? Will give me to keep, I went to noon. Yesterday, the event has not yet started, thousands of boutique emerald has been filled with counters, floating jade bracelets, ice kind of Guanyin pendant, full of green inlay Drilling pendant, as well as ice waxy hand pieces ... ... dazzling array of people difficult to choose It is understood that this Gloria 'blessing Lunar New Year. Emerald Fair' A cargo Jade Fair, due to the rare Jade Boutique, is really selling a less one, so the public's enthusiasm for the purchase is very high. Media help check, consumers can rest assured to buy

Jade jewelry quality, has been the focus of public concern. In response, a manager Gulland said that Gulland from gold, diamonds, to Caibao, jade product quality, are strictly knock off cartier ring rose gold tested by the state authority testing agencies, each jade products have the only corresponding coding and Certificate In order to prove the quality of the goods, Gloria solemnly promised that all Jadeite products sold in this exhibition are A goods, you can find on the spot jewelry jade quality inspection expert on-site identification, and if there is fake, you will be refunded ten times the purchase price 'Guli Orchid store to sell jewelry, long-term business mainly by repeat customers, how can take the fake hit the signboard? 'Gulan a manager said there is stress emerald wear

Emerald has been loved by the royal family for hundreds of years, not only because of its beauty and purity, but also because of its effectiveness in nurturing and beautifying one's body and beauty. The so-called 'people raise jade, jade raise people,' people wearing jade, the cartier ring rose gold knock off body temperature under the action of sweat, acid-base components from the emerald micro-cracks which infiltration of green chromium ions which make it dissolved, so that To achieve the purpose of keeping jade In the purchase of jade, sometimes according to men and women to make different wear options, for example, to buy jade pendant and Guanyin Buddha, men should choose Guanyin and ladies should choose the Buddha, which is 'Male wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha,' saying while the emerald contains beneficial iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, when cartier ring rose gold fake the emerald and human skin friction or massage to the human body points, the body can make the meridians flow, the skin vitality , Resulting in the human body's fluid, Reiki and emerald trace elements mutual infiltration and proliferation, the body's physiological function more balanced. This harmonious relationship between man and stone makes the human body and the emerald both gain. This is the two-way effect of 'people keep jade and jade bearer.' Female wearing emerald bracelets can massage the wrist joint and the 'nursing home' on the back of the hand to reach Longevity effect. Mouth can contain fluid with jade mouth, in addition to stomach heat, heart and lungs, moist sound throat. The public not only plans to save money, more than 5000 kinds of cross-stitch eye

It is understood that the Goryeo jewelry 'blessing New Year. cartier ring with diamonds fake Emerald Fair', the public response enthusiastically and the two major factors are closely linked:

On the one hand, people buy emeralds can save 80%, usually 10,000 yuan jade bracelets, this time only 2 thousand. Usually 20,000 yuan of jade pendant, the more than 4,000 will be able to buy. The audience minimum 300 yuan, a single save up to buy a suite On the other hand, the event more goods, the organizing committee has prepared more than 5000 jade products, there are thousands of light bracelet, suitable for all ages, to meet Needs of all ages. Varieties, well-prepared, the quality of glass, ice, ice waxy varieties, waxy species, hibiscus, beans and other grades, the color is more ready, green, violet, yellow, colorless, spring Choi and so on.
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