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Date & time Dec 8 '17
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His father was on his way to work accidental disaster two daughters decided to donate organs to extend the lives of others

Yesterday, the eldest daughter Dongmei in the circle of friends, made a micro-channel Zhejiang Online December 8 (Qianjiang Evening News correspondent Wang Rui Xiayan Yan Zhang Miao) First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Building 5, 4th Floor, the aisle , A cry for the people around the nose are pantothenic 17-year-old Dong Mei, 15-year-old Chunlan two sisters just head down, keep the hands kept wiping tears. Their mums looked haggard, reclining on their chairs, and they were less than two meters away from the operating room where no one was helped. There are lying their favorite dad, favorite husband, 39-year-old Zhao Ping, the age of 40-year-old man, can no longer open your eyes and see the three most important woman in life . Because of a sudden car accident, Zhao Ping did not struggle back from the death line. But in the operating room, his heart, lungs, liver and two kidneys were donated to donate organs to 5 patients in urgent need of transplantation, so that dad could survive in another form. This is the first daughter to do for dad One, and the last one has decided a family of four temporarily living in three places

The last meeting is to the great-grandmother birthday

In order to have a better life in the future, Zhao Ping, a family of four live separately for three lives Zhao Ping couple work in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, the eldest daughter Dong Mei work in Guangzhou, her daughter Chunlan Yibin home in Sichuan high school The latest gathering is this year's National Day. imitation cartier ring band They rushed back to their hometown to celebrate their 90th knock off cartier ring rose gold birthday for their sisters. Again the reunion was originally next month's Spring Festival, but everything has been unable to do so at 5:00 on December 3 and more, the day did not light, Zhao Ping rushed to the site. That day is Saturday, Zhao Ping in order to make more money, no choice shift to rest at home. Zhao Ping, a motorcyclist, crashed into a flying private car. 'We watched the monitor and saw that he was knocked for two laps before falling out.' Zhao Ping's younger brother, Zhao Soldiers do not want to recall that tragic picture 'My brother is the head of the ground, the doctor said, when the people will not work.'

'Donate to Daddy's organ.' At a family meeting full of sad emotions, the two sisters agreed very well that 'they could live for Daddy.'

Dad in daughter's heart

Too much love for life

Although the family usually do not live together, but the sisters did not feel so distant from my father, the love, laugh, love singing father, in too many places filled with the existence of the exchange between father and daughter , Mostly in the WeChat among them, 'Recently how to learn?' This is the father often sent to the youngest daughter Chunlan, cartier ring copy white gold 'Today's work is not tired?' This is his favorite daughter often sent Dongmei, A singing APP, each time completing a new work, always the first time issued to two daughters, let them like, send flowers October 1 to the grandmother had finished the birthday, as usual at home when the same, Zhao Ping belt With two daughters on the street to buy things, one hand holding my father's hand, as if the peer's mother are extra little fancy new coat? buy! Grand daughter fancy new shoes? buy!

Even if his income is low, he does all he can to create a responsive image for his daughters. 'Perhaps so, daddy can stay in this world.' The sisters who made the cartier ring with diamonds copy decision to donate their organs daddy on their wrists Give them silver bracelets,

'Because he was always a good father and a good father who can help others.' My eldest daughter, Dong Mei, said that I used to chat with my father on WeChat, and that half of the time my father started the conversation. What she regretted was that the past Yesterday, Dongmei in the circle of friends, made a micro letter: 'Dad, I hope you happily happy in another paradise Live, although you left me, but you will always be in my heart, no one can replace your place in my heart, my father, I miss you.

Dongmei also posted 6 pictures of daddy. On each picture, daddy possessed different pose. The dad, who likes singing and joking, loves to record his life with photos.
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