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Eleven holiday happiness index rankings

Family happiness is the greatest happiness of the Chinese people. Mid-Autumn Moon is not round, is the biggest regret for Chinese people since ancient times. Unfortunately fortune poetry of life, so have the eternal Su Supo famous. If this day of festivals, Su Dongpo and his relatives reunited, brother met, but also the wine asked the blue sky 'when is the moon,' it? He will surely enjoy the fat but not greasy Dongpo elbow with his relatives, eat the delicious five-moon mooncakes, put his words and delights, drunk, and happiness as a 200-pound fat, where there is still the heart to pray for what ' Nung, moon and new moon'……

It is the best time to reunite with your family to enjoy your grandchildren on this rare two-day holiday. Although my father outdated thinking, but he really hit the key moment of money ah! Mom though nagging, but she really delicious cooking ah ... wait Mom and Dad started to abandon your sleep late, do not stack the quilt, did not find the object, cartier love ring yellow gold knock off no baby, hey, the holidays also flies almost, you can Waved sleeves, do not take away a lost worry (only with the mother's hand to do all kinds of delicious) ... ... This dose of happiness, enough for a North drift bleach deep bleach used New Year this year, National Day plus Mid-Autumn Festival 8 days holiday, October 1 to October 3 is the National Day holiday, October 4 is the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, according to the 'Labor Law', which 4 days to arrange the work of workers should be 300% Calculate overtime pay; October 5 to October 8 is the weekend off, arrange the workers to work overtime at this time and can not arrange for overtime, should be calculated at 200% overtime pay Although overtime work eight days can earn 20 working days (Nearly a month's) salary, but this is a bit too harsh on myself and should not be tied to any other benefits that require earning overtime? Therefore, the more compromise and reasonable solution is that for the first four days of overtime work, we have earned wages for 12 working days (half a month) as travel expenses, rest after 4 days, and then invited 5-day annual leave as the 'compensation' for national overtime work. Humanity leaders are generally not blocked, so there is a 9 +2 = 11 days of the long holiday, whether it knock off cartier love ring wedding band is home to travel, with group tours, traveling by car or outbound, can be easily carried out, the airline hotel looks like Even cheaper!

Someone blocking the return journey thinking there is still a lot to do to be burned, in front of them is a hurdle down the throttle immediately there is a sense of urgency; others just got off the plane on the train to the company while yawning while typing the keyboard, they have In the tourist attractions and a variety of Selfie self-portrait sea background ... ... In particular, the peak vacation, but also to work overtime in the name of people can not refute to push away all the wedding invitations to move the full moon, save a large sum of money - happiness Feeling can not be more!

Heron on the sky, the old iron block in the middle. Where to ask the restaurant, but also stuck in the mouth of high-speed. Naturally I will be useful material, five hours do not move. Wang Xie old before the former Yan, even forgot to bring instant noodles! ! !

How long the traffic jam team, traffic jam time how long cartier men wedding copy ring have a direct impact on the quality of a friend bragging after a holiday Some Sichuan users: Guangyuan run from Chengdu, usually only 3 hours, the results ran from September 30 to October 1 , But also blocking the halfway tunnel ... ...

A bridegroom: go out to pick up the bride in the morning, blocking the night did not come back, this is probably the most funny wedding ever!

There are some couples, quarrel halfway, his wife got off in a huff and walk. Is it possible his wife went to their destination, her husband was driving a car blocked the road?

What the news can tell is always only a small part of the real world. There are more stories of Niubi. You can never know it unless you stop it. Of course, the block in the half way is not the most Niubi, because there are lost at the starting line it - the tickets are bought, long-distance car canceled!

Blocked at the station, blocked in the middle, blocking the attractions, although each has its own legend, but in general, essentially the same. You and hundreds of millions of people walking in the country with many people, although squeezed into a squeeze into a pancake pancake into a knock off cartier love ring yellow gold photo, even the 4G can squeeze the line, but think back two or three years or longer ago, you are still a Packed with DNA packets, squeeze hundreds of millions of small partners in the forward, strive to the upper reaches, unsuccessful will be the kernel ......

Compared with two, today is really too much happiness. At least do not have to compete with them, not as anxious as reincarnation, where stopped, where is the scenery. Even if the neck is short and can not see, you can also lift the phone shot ah. Hold up the phone can not shoot, you can also use Selfie bar ah! Can not see their own, you can see from someone else's cell phone ......

A little lower, that is, in the scenic souvenir shop missed the value of hundreds of thousands of thousands of babies following a tourist in Yunnan Ruili 'hand slip' worth 300,000 yuan to break the bracelet, October 3, a buyer in Yunnan Tengchong Emerald again to buy 'hand slip', wrestling a price of 280,000 yuan jade pendant who said that people will not fall into the same pit twice? To be true, there will not be so many dynasties in history, but this is still very lucky to break the jade tourists, the two sides negotiated, and finally lost 3000 finished, can be unfortunate in the lucky - spend 3,000 Buy a truth: Do not buy emerald to the area! value! (The last time a woman was claimed more than ten million tourists have been crying dizzy in another spot)

National Day is the peak of marriage, if you do not want to plug in the road, do not want to work overtime, but do not want to be father and mother reminder marriage birth baby, then had to drink wedding slightly!

8 days holiday 7 wedding, an average of one day a day to celebrate a friend's baby, when the right is to rest so many hi drink to drink, so many dog ​​food to eat, is not there a 'fat every three knot' Happiness arises spontaneously?

Everyone, All, All, Follow, Follow, All, All, All, All, Master, Master, Get still this year is still applicable. After so many holiday vacations, you will find that you are not as good as you were in previous years. It can be said that in this eleven holiday, litter at home watching the movie play games and then brush the news of a mass of people after the passage, will only feel life dull. Unconsciously, another National Day holiday has been more than half past, my friends and colleagues will bring around the world with native products, beautiful photos and anecdote things back - perhaps, only to hear them lament next month can not afford Credit card, house rents indoor reeling will feel a little comfort ... This is probably the legendary small fortunate (mourning) it.
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