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Liu Hong Jiahui diary of the growth file

My lovely little daughter, with the passage of time, now you are two and a half remember that day. Just introduced the delivery room you are so petty, so thin. At that time, the nurse told Dad, mother gave birth to a healthy little princess, everything is normal. But I see your appearance is so delicate, my heart is very nervous. Later, my mother told me that the average girl will not be born too fat, my heart was let down. Months, I and my mother, grandmother, second aunt waiting for you all the loved ones around you are very careful care. Gradually your face becomes chubby, small hands, feet also become a bulging, wearing silver bracelets in your hand, but also smaller every day. At that time, dad, mom's heart do you know how happy?

Since you were born, your every move, a smile, have become the only theme of this home. Camera, camera, became a father I never leave the portable thing. Because I want to leave you with the changes that have taken place from day to day until you grow up. For you, for my mother, for me, for your future lover leave a beautiful childhood memories. More than 900 days and nights, about 3,000 photos with your smile, your growth marks, with infinite love of father and mother. Twenty boxes record the places you live, play, cry, laugh, climb over, run over, skip, fall over, copy cartier love wedding ring and the bit by bit videotape of your life. Will these be our parents, wait till the best dowry you gave to you on your wedding day? Is this not the most valuable fortune in your life? Yes, dad, mom think so. Because you are in our hearts, in our lives, we are invaluable. Everything Mom and Dad do to make you happy. See you happy at the same time, we have also been happy is, the world's most sincere love than affection, than the most selfless cartier wedding fake ring mens most sincere, most eternal love of love!

Children, we do not expect cartier fake ring diamond you to be able to return to us how much, not demanding how much you can accomplish later. In fact, there is actually only one wish in our heart. That is, you are always happy fake cartier love ring wedding band and healthy in your future life.
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