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Parents beware of baby silver or toxic

1 Guangzhou News: Silver sample lead exceeded the top

Home Tim new D, countless joy is responsible for the topic testing research Guangdong Geological Testing Center Quality Control cartier gold love ring fake Jewelry Quality Control Station Engineer Li Xueming said that the children's silver jewelry wholesale market in Guangzhou City, a variety of products, good and bad random sampling of the four wholesale Merchants of silver jewelry 15, of which 8 lock package, bracelet 7. Xu Gelin said that in fact, just wearing these jewelry containing heavy metals, in fact, cartier love band ring fake the damage to the body is not large, and occasionally wear a few days, even if toxic, should not hurt too However, if these heavy metals into the digestive tract cartier gold love ring knock off or the blood system, Well, the damage to the body is great. Like the old lady mentioned above, the old lady's living habits are not very good. After she got off work, she did not wash her hands and went to eat directly. As a result, the heavy metals entered the digestive tract, reaching the brain and causing nervous system diseases. Those little children, he is curious about what, what to eat, so to remind parents, do not know their own jewelry heavy metal is excessive, then please do not let the child wear silver jewelry long-term, if the child is wearing lead antimony Jewelry, cartier fake love ring diamond too often
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