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The man found 17,500,000 compensation figures after he discovered the treasures of the millennium handed over to the country

According to the 'Daily Mail' reported on May 12, Derek McLennan discovered the Millennium Treasure of the Vikings in western Scotland, with a compensation of 1.98 million pounds (about 17.59 million yuan) reported that in 2014 Derek McLean discovered precious Millennium treasures in the Galloway area of ​​Scotland with treasures including silver bracelets, silver brooches, gold rings, enamel Christian crosses and bird-shaped lilies, and about 100 British Government official David Harvey said the 'Galloway Treasure' is of international significance and 'one white gold love bracelet cartier fake of the most important discoveries in Scotland.' Treasures of archaeological significance should be handed over to the copy cartier 18k white gold love bracelet National Museum of Scotland in accordance with the replica cartier bracelet for sale law of the ownerless possession in Scotland, but the museum must compensate each other for a considerable amount. Scottish law also stipulates that the compensation standard must be equal to the current market fake cartier 18k white gold love bracelet value of the treasure, so museums should Give Derek McLennan 198 million pounds. Gordon, a local museum director, thinks spending 198 million pounds is well worth it. He said the mysterious and unique qualities of these artifacts will appeal to many researchers and hobbyists.
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