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Civilians have those benefits

For a long time finally waited until the 9th anniversary, this anniversary is accompanied by a new job, 'Little Sister' to join, and a strong attack on Luke Radi copy, etc., can be said that DNF has opened a new chapter , Then this update for the civilian gamers have those benefits, let Xiaobian take you a careful inventory of:

I. Relic, artifact, outsider, the legendary equipment to send

The updated flylight lantern activity is indeed full of sincerity for the average player trumpet, not only to send legends and equipment, legendary material, different fragments (although these things are now very well cartier love bracelet white gold diamonds copy got), more importantly, can not send through Inheritance to get the relics equipment, and is still a set, although the artifact does not yellow and white burst, but in four-dimensional, three-speed aspects of the upgrade can also make your trumpet brush smooth.

The effect of this bracelet is equivalent to 10% of the yellow, trumpet is not quite good for the yellow

Second, log in to the game that send epic transboundary stone

Other potions, revival coins, pets do not say, mainly that this special login box, this login special gift box is 80 epic weapons or cartier love bracelet white gold copy armor cross-border stone or 99 arbitrary parts of the 85 epic fragments, I think most players will The choice of cross-border stone, absolute copy cartier love bracelet white gold welfare ah, because 80 cross-border stone, but have the opportunity to let you have the existence of ghost sets ah, and have a small daddy players have the opportunity to get rid of others disgraced eyes, become big milk Oh

First of all, is a special replica cartier 4 diamond love bracelet 8085 epic weapons Pocket Jane, note that this is a special Epic Weapon pocket cans, that your red-eye if you want to 'do not cloud sword', will not give you a light sword, of course not necessarily do not Cloud Sword, to avoid embarrassment.
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