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Who in Shanghai remember the case of the destruction of Yang Yuxia and the death of writer Hou Hsiang-ying 11 years ago in Shanghai?

On the afternoon of August 25, 1996, writer Dai Houying was killed in her residence in Shanghai by Tao Feng, the grandson of her high school teacher Li Wenjie. At the same time the victims, as well as wearing niece Dai Hui August 25, 1996, the days of this tragedy, a great woman left the world ...... Ten years, let us miss the literary impact A lot of female writers are free to look for her book to see: 'Man, man! ',' Tomb in heart ',' poet's death ',' foot in the sky ',' unforgettable events ', ......

In Shanghai, September 11, 1996, a devastating case hit the country. A 28-year-old woman named Yang Yuxia poured successively high-concentration sulfuric acid into innocent Gu Xia-ping and Xu Lijun's mother and daughter, causing their face and body severely Three months later, Yang Yuxia was executed by his grandfather, Tao Feng, to his former high school student. Writer Dai Houying, a famous woman writer and professor at the School of Liberal Arts in Shanghai University, wrote a note to look forward to facilitating employment of Tao Feng in Shanghai . In April 1996, Tao Feng carried a memo to Lingqiu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai Dai Jia Zhong, Tuo Dai for his job in Shanghai. After Tao Feng has been to Dai home. On the afternoon of August 25, 1996, Tao Feng went to Dai and Dai's niece at home alone. Tao Feng while it is not prepared, fierce cough its neck caused by its coma. When Tao Feng rummage in the room, Dai Houying returned home, Tao Feng picked up the water bottle will be wearing a stunned, but also take choppers chopped more than 20 knife to wear death. Tao Feng see niece has awakened, but also holding a chopper chopped more than rose gold cartier love bangle replica 10 knife to death. Tao Feng robbed US $ 500 deposit certificates, regular deposit certificates of 2,000 yuan and pocket radio, women's watches, bracelets and other objects fled the scene. Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People's Court ruled on October 18, 1998: Defendant Tao Feng committed the crime of intentional homicide, sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life; committed robbery, sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life; decided to execute the death penalty and deprived him Political rights are lifelong. Tao Feng dissatisfied, filed an appeal. Shanghai Higher People's Court ruled on December 26, 1996: Dismissed the appeal, upheld the original verdict and approved the death sentence according to law. PS: Follow-up reports said that Xu Guochu is still living with her mother and daughter now. In taking care of them

No, then said that feeling too much pressure, can not stand, ran away from home. Has replica cartier 4 diamond love bracelet never been back. From 8 years old to 19 years old, this old public house in the old industrial area in the northeast corner of Shanghai is all Li Xujun's space for more than a decade. This is the livelihood of Xu Lijun who was filmed by a television station last year. (Live dialogue between father and daughter in the room) Xu Guochu still lives with their mother and daughter, and has been taking care of their lives Gu Xia Ping: Now a family of three still live together, just want to give her daughter a complete home Xu Guochu: I have been very guilty , Eyes shut up and shed tears, so a good child made this way, now how to say, a disaster broke out, told me, as long as I live a day, I will do a bit of responsibility, how to do when Xia Xia Ping, Xu Lijun Hospitalization, the enthusiastic Shanghai citizens have donated to solve the treatment of mother and daughter more than 70 million cost. Ten years later, the remaining part of social donation of 360,000 yuan, still still kept in the Shanghai Changhai Hospital, the Ministry of Finance. At first, the hospital did not trust the donations to Xu Guochu, which has plagued Xu Guochu. Just a few days before our program was broadcast, the hospital and Xujia signed an agreement to hand over the donation eleven years later. However, in the public opinion, the negative image of tragedy initiator Xu Guochu has always been difficult to reverse. But her daughter Xu Lijun seems to have forgiven his father Xu Lijun: After all, I am his child, I am his daughter, if you have hate in the world, love always better than hate, I hope my world is full of love ( Xu Lijun (singing): Come with me how long will not be tired I have not care about the so-called right and wrong if love is a very fragile rose I am also willing to bear the imperfection of the perfect original snow can ...

Moderator: murder compensation for life, debt and repay the money, even on the 'kill less, cautious kill' today, Yang Yuxia may also escape a death, a cartier love series bottle of sulfuric acid, ruining two families. In fact, no matter how the case of Yang Yuxia sentencing, in the end is dead or alive, can not change the pain of Xu Lijun and her mother, 'Life Weekly' is reported in the media 'Pan Ping case', the first deep contact with the victim Pan Media He Ju, a female reporter involved in this report, is similar in age to Pan Ping, who just graduated from college for one year. She was impressed with this tragedy 15 years ago: 'At that time, I went to the house of Pan Ping Qingpu with the newspaper's veteran Mr. Huang Hanmin without any curiosity and sincere communication with Pan Ping, so that Pan Ping relieved his fear On December 3, 1992, after more than 2 months of treatment for the accident, Pan was facing the mirror for the first time in the moment of opening the mask, and her spirit was once again on the verge of collapse despite the worst psychological preparations But this pair of face is really worse than she could imagine a large area burns make this face eyebrows eyelashes without eye after two skin grafting surgery due to serious upper and lower eye defects and can not be closed, A bright red meat face eyelid .Abdominal severe defect, muscle atrophy, a high nostril low, with two plastic tube stiff propped.Mouth mouth deformity, can not be large. Left contracture deformity, the ear hole is also supported by plastic pipe This once so dignified, beautiful face also appalling winter was thick thick curtains blocked outside, Pan Ping's heart without the sun, 'What am I doing wrong? Why do bad times come in my head? Pan Ping again and again to ask myself those days as carefree days no longer .Pan Ping height 1.71 meters, gentle and beautiful, simple and good .She primary school is the city of Miyoshi, Miyoshi is the secondary school, the university student union cadres, two And other scholarship recipients in 1990 August from the Shanghai Normal School of Technology graduated from the Chinese Department assigned to the Petrochemical Construction Bank in computer operations, she has a happy home, beautiful appearance and good heart just because of rejecting young men Lihang Hua Of courtship, dumping between, she was even Lee destroyed his copy cartier white gold love bracelet face with 96% concentrated sulfuric acid, leaving her face, neck, chest and abdomen, limbs.
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