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Four kinds of treasures the women dream of

Everybody knows that Soong Mei-ling is a beautiful person who has paid great attention to his personal image since he was a junior high school student. After he was active in the diplomatic arena, he even spent a great deal of effort on skin and body and beautiful accessories, including the Gem-level Taiwan Dadongshan coral This Song Meiling traveled to Europe and the United States during the World War II video transmission is very wide, in the photo, the Soong Mei-ling dressed in dark cheongsam, plate hair, solemn sitting in front of her imitation cartier love ring with diamonds European and American men who guide Look noble and solemn. She wears earrings, necklaces, cartier diamond love ring copy rings and bracelets made of red coral. She has a full-blown jewelery under the shade of a dark cheongstry. Today, the first lady of our time has no more to see. Quietly tells her glitz in the past. In her old age, Song Meiling wear cheongsam wearing jadeite on many occasions. She is very decent and dazzling. As the former first lady in Asia, Soong Mei-ling loved her emerald for her whole life. The most famous is the emerald twist bracelet she often wears. In the 1930s, There is a piece of jade material, excellent color, under the craftsmen's carving, made of twist bracelet pair. This emerald twist bracelet is not only cartier love copy ring pink gold flawless, and fresh in style, green water, ranking the highest Cui Bang Shanghai Green Gang leader Du Yuesheng 40,000 yuan for his copy diamond ring cartier wife bought the pair of twist bracelets, Miss Mei met Madame Duff wearing jade bracelets, Love at first sight, put it down, Mrs. Du had to give love to Soong Mei Ling. And Mei-Ling Song also care for their good, never leave 1997 Song Meiling's 100th birthday banquet, the comb combed the traditional hair dressed in black cheongsam generation of ladies, wearing a full set of jade jewelry, although it is a hundred years old, But still so elegant, generous manner, people startled.
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